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Founded in Dallas, Texas, in 1984, Marketplace Care has expanded every year for the past 20+ years and now serves in 44 states and over 850 cities. Client companies with multiple locations are able to have care teams available to employees at each of their sites. Marketplace Care is the longest continuing provider of workplace care teams to corporate North America today, as well as the largest. Over 1,400 care team members serve from northern British Columbia to Texas, providing personal care to nearly 500,000 employees and family members.

Marketplace Care Canada began service in 2009 in Fort St. John, BC. Starting with eight clients in this Northern British Columbia community, we now serve clients in New Brunswick, Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan as, well as northern and southern British Columbia.

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Marketplace Care Canada provides proactive employee care services through teams in the workplace for our corporate client companies, across North America and abroad.

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