Workplace care teams for employees and their families


What if we have an EAP?

That’s great! The majority of all businesses today have a generic EAP, or call-in counseling service. However, these tend to be reactive to problems which have already turned into crises, and require the employee to call someone they don’t know, yielding the 2-9% EAP usage rates. Not all issues or needs require a clinical, sterile environment involving weeks of therapy. A personalized and proactive Employee Care Service from Marketplace Care Canada typically produces more than 40% usage rates, and has even been selected by many employees as their #1 benefit!

How do you serve a multi-cultural diverse company like ours, with employees from all ethnic and religious backgrounds?

This fact of today’s society and workplace may seem like a challenge. However, health, personal, and job-related problems along with crises events are not specific to one ethnicity or type of need. We serve hundreds of companies around the world and more than half a million diverse people with our male, female and ethnically diverse Care Care Teams. In fact, your Care Care Team will be customized to reflect the employee profiles at each of your locations. They will address universal problems that negatively impact your workforce. Care Teams will build relationships of trust and confidence with your employees so they feel comfortable discussing their concerns regarding marital, family, financial, aging parent, children, stress, death and dying, as well as serious illness or other sensitive issues. Since 1984, we have successfully operated with this proven approach, similar to hospitals and professional sports teams, in both private and public firms.

What if we already care about our people and as leaders we fill the Care Team role? Couldn’t we simply hire the local counselor to come do this?

Of course, great companies care about their people! Our Care Care Teams are branded by the company they support, so our care reflects directly back to company leadership! In over 3 million hours of providing this service, we have found that only 20% of the employees will ever surface a sensitive, personal problem to management or leadership. If they do, most leaders do not possess the training and background of our Marketplace Care Canada to effectively deal with the situation. Our research has shown that being neutral from company operations eases the minds of employees and provides a level of confidence to use the care. While local management cares about their community, they do not constitute a team, nor are they backed by over 1,700 Care Team staff to help family members separated by geography, employees at multiple locations, or employees who travel. In addition, management may not have the adequate background, applicable workplace experience, management oversight, accountability, or the professional training and continuing education modules our Care Care Teams possess

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Worksite Visits

Personalized, brief, regularly scheduled, visits during strategic times, provide visibility, immediate access and relationship building without interfering with work.
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Visits & Care

The results of the proactive worksite visits are extended conversations with employees away from work.
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Increases employee retention, Decreases employee absenteeism, Increases employee productivity, and more...
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