Workplace care teams for employees and their families


At Columbia Cabinets, we take pride in fostering an inclusive and caring work environment for our employees. The introduction of Marketplace Care Canada has been aligned perfectly with our values. These dedicated care partners have become an integral part of our company culture, providing unwavering support and compassion to our team.

Ryan Loewen
Columbia Cabinets


The Marketplace Care Program, has been very helpful towards bringing our company culture forward. When we first brought them on we never expected that they would become part of our family. The visits were consistent and welcoming. Their presence gave our employees a sense that the company cares about them and allowed these amazing individuals to walk around and build relationships with each employee on a personal and professional level. They have helped our employees and some of our customers through real hard times and kept it all confidential. This is a program that I think every company should have.  

Diana Machado
COO Cash Canada
Edmonton, AB


One Friday afternoon we received disturbing news regarding an employee who was on temporary medical leave because of psychological distress and depression.   The employee had inquired about the death benefit of his life insurance coverage and had mentioned to an HR assistant that he might need to use it.  The HR Director recognized immediately that the employee may be in danger and called one of the company’s caregivers, who began multiple attempts to contact the employee.   When there was no response throughout Friday night, the caregiver became especially concerned because the employee lived on the 10th floor of an apartment high rise building, and could easily take his life by jumping from the balcony.   After further failed contact attempts, the caregiver began legal proceedings by contacting a judge, who authorized police to forcibly enter the apartment, where they found the distressed employee.   The caregiver was also present and gave support and guidance to the employee, who then departed to stay with a trusted family member.  He gave assurance to the caregiver that he did not have plans to harm himself.  The caregiver followed up with the employee throughout the weekend to continue to show care and support. Throughout the ordeal the caregiver was in constant contact with his Marketplace supervisor for helpful support and guidance. 
A few months later at a meeting with the management of the company to review a report of the Employee Care Service for the past six months, the president of the company made this statement:  “We began this service three years ago because the owner of the company wanted it.  I was not totally in favor of the decision, especially concerning the monthly fee, though it was modest.  However, today I clearly see the value of this service.  When we did not know what to do, your caregiver stepped in, took charge and possibly saved the life of our beloved employee.  There is no way to put a price on the life of a single person, but as far as I’m concerned, because of the skilled and compassionate intervention and care provided by your caregivers in this single incident, you have earned the fee for as long as you want to stay.”   

Ian Marsh
Dew Engineering
Ottawa, ON


The Marketplace Care team is our words in action. They are there during the inevitable difficult parts of our peoples lives.

Tim Latimer
CEO of Cashco Financial
Edmonton, AB

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